Computer Chips Could Keep You Slim In The Future

/ 4 years ago


According to an article from Fudzilla, Swiss researchers have developed a computer chip implant which can keep you slim. The chip constantly checks for fat in the blood and, when someone has eaten too much, release a hormone that sates hunger. It works on mice.

The researchers hope that within five to ten years they will have a version the size of a coin that can be slipped under the skin of a slimmer’s arm. According to the journal Nature Communications reports that the chip contains two genes that work together to keep appetite in check. The first monitors fat levels in blood. When they get too high, it tells the second to make the appetite suppressant.

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Chip inventor, Professor Martin Fussenegger, said chips containing other combinations of genes could be developed to tackle other illnesses. The downside is that US born again Christians would think that a chip being installed in the body is part of the reign of the anti-christ. If the chip use takes off then US Christians will remain obese while the rest of the world stays slim.

Thank you Fudzilla for providing us with this information

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    that last paragraph is just epic…

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