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Computex 2020 Looks More and More Doubtful!

Computex represents one of the biggest hardware events of the year. With the issues surrounding COVID-19, however, while the event was initially scheduled to start this month, it has since been rescheduled to late September.

In a report via TechSpot, however, with more manufacturers mulling the decision of officially withdrawing from the event, the chances of Computex 2020 actually happening seem to be diminishing even further!

Computex 2020

At the time of writing, it has already been confirmed that a number of major manufacturers have already withdrawn from the event. In other words, regardless of whether it does still happen in September, the following companies will definitely not be in attendance:

  • Gigabyte
  • MSI
  • PowerColor
  • ECS
  • ASUS

Rumors are, however, suggesting that pretty much every other major PC hardware manufacturer is not willing to 100% commit to attending the event if it does happen! In other words, companies such as Corsair, AMD, Intel, Sony, Microsoft etc. while not officially ‘out’ are firmly on the fence awaiting further developments.

The problem is, by the time we’ll know for certain what the Coronavirus situation will be, it’ll likely be too late to get Computex organized. Events on this scale require a lot of planning and logistics and, in a nutshell, decisions are going to have to be made before the end of July (and probably sooner).

What Are You Doing?…

As explained by Andy in various of our Twitch and YouTube streams, the bottom line with Computex 2020 is that (at the moment) everyone is looking at each other asking them what they’re doing. A bit like the vultures from ‘The Jungle Book’, the media and manufacturers are both in the position of saying ‘we’ll go if you go, but we won’t if you don’t’.

If you were to ask me my personal opinion at the time of writing, however, I’d say that Computex 2020 actually happening (in terms of a physical event) seems exceptionally unlikely. So if you do already have your tickets and accommodation booked, you might want to make some subtle enquiries as to potential refunds.

Put simply, Computex 2020 is scheduled to run from September 28-30. We wouldn’t put any money on it though!

What do you think? Do you think Computex 2020 will still happen? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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