Computex: Enermax Display Multi-Coloured ETS-T40 CPU Coolers

/ 4 years ago


Enermax’s ETS-T40 series of CPU coolers have been pretty popular thanks to the awesome LED lighting effect fans Enermax ship with them. Now Enermax have gone one step further showing us a variety of ETS-T40 CPU coolers that not only have LED fans but have coloured heatsinks too.

As you can see Enermax were displaying the ETS-T40 in green, yellow, white, red, blue and black with corresponding LED coloured fans to match, except the case of the ETS-T40-TB which is the black one as this features a non-LED fan.

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Enermax didn’t tell us when these multi-coloured versions would be available, or even if they will be available at all but we are hopeful they will be available across the world soon at a slightly higher price premium than the stock ETS-T40 models we have on the market today which cost around £40.

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex

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  • Wayne

    40 quid for a (12 cm) fan??!! Surely that’s a typo! Not even Noctua’s incomparable quality fans can come close to that price.

    • £40 for the ETS-T40 which includes a 120mm fan, sorry if I was unclear but I don’t think I was.

      • Wayne

        Sorry, my bad. I was reading the article with my eyes closed. You guys are doing a stellar job bringing us comprehensive coverage of Computex. Keep up the great work, much appreciated.

        • Thank you, that comment is much appreciated especially from a frequent and active reader like yourself.

  • Jerome C

    Hi, Just asking is the ETS-T40 different colored CPU Cooler going to be able to be purchased.