Computex: EVGA Showing Pre-Built Z87 Stinger Based Gaming Systems

/ 5 years ago

EVGA has been demonstrating its new Z87 and GTX 700 series based products quite extensively at Computex and now it is taking those parts one step further offering pre-built mini-ITX gaming systems and barebones kits using an EVGA case, motherboard and graphics cards.

The case is custom designed for EVGA and called the “miniBOX”. It has a windowed side panel and a glossy black finish.

Strangely it uses an FSP Group 1U SFF power supply which is surprising as I thought EVGA would opt for their own power supplies and make the case a tiny bit bigger to account for that.

One of the assembled systems was based on the Z87 Stinger and powered by the Intel Core i7 4770K. The graphics card was provided by the GTX Titan and it equipped an SSD. There is also no surprises that EVGA cut out the optical drive to save space, it clearly sees digital distributed games as being the way of  the future.

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The rear I/O is obviously provided by the EVGA Stinger Z87 motherboard which we detailed here. My only concern is EVGA’s decision to opt for a 1U power supply. With a small high RPM 40mm fan it is no doubt going to be horrendously noisy when under any intensive loads for prolonged periods of time.

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex


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