Comsumer Grade Oculus Rift Confirmed For 2015

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The Oculus Rift is a very cool piece of technology, Oculus VR have had great success with their DK1 (Development Kit 1) headset. Despite the DK1’s less than ideal resolution and performance, it managed to make a big impact on anyone who tried it. The DK2 headset added a 1080p resolution panel, better tracking, lower latency and put quite simply, blew our minds when we tried it out and we’ve heard similar reports within the industry that the new hardware kicks ass.

The only problem is, this is still development hardware, it’s still not final and there is still work do be done to get the Oculus Rift into the hands of the consumer. Now it looks like we won’t have to wait forever as Oculus VR has said that they’ll release it to the general public next year.

Chris Dixon, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, talked about this next-gen prototype, saying: “Crystal Cove is 50% of what they are running in LA. You go into a room. It’s a special room. Fancier headset. … In user testing it gets to a level of realism where almost all people feel that it’s realistic”. He continued: “Imagine everything you can see now, but it’s a little bit pixelated. Eventually that [pixelation] will go away”.

I’ve got my DK2 on pre-order because I don’t think I can wait another year for the consumer hardware, let alone the even more advanced models they’re said to be prototyping, but they’re certainly on the right track for success. Despite the negative PR thrown their way from the Facebook deal, which in fairness was mostly just people being trolls for the sake of trolls, things are starting to look pretty good for Oculus VR.

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One Response to “Comsumer Grade Oculus Rift Confirmed For 2015”
  1. Wayne says:

    After FB clapped their grasping greedy paws on it I lost all of the very little interest I had in it in the first place.

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