Concept art for Nokia’s Windows 8 tablet arrive

/ 6 years ago

Earlier during the week, it was reported that Nokia was working on a new tablet equipped with Windows 8. Designed by the fans comes the first concept art of this yet unannounced tablet.

According to the design, Nokia’s “Lumia Coffee Tab” would be a stretched-out version of the Lumia 800, the company’s current Windows-equipped flagship smartphone, which was helped by Microsoft-financed marketing for going to Windows. The tablet sports a 10.1″ display and is designed to be Apple’s iPad competition. Coincidentally or not, the iPad is also some sort of a stretched out version of Apple’s flagship smartphone.

Since the table is also reported to use a Qualcomm-made processor, Nokia will have to use Windows 8 ARM, the trick being that the ARM version of the OS is reported to arrive much after the x86 version. This could mean that Microsoft is giving Nokia an exclusive early-access to Windows 8 ARM. This shows Microsoft possible desperation for its mobile versions of Windows to have a single potent launch-pad manufacturer, Nokia already being amongst the best when its comes to mobile phone, the company chose wisely.

All these new projects from Microsoft show their awareness of the reality of the post-PC future of computing, which seems to be approaching fast.

Source: TechPowerUp

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