Confirmed: Scythe U.S. is not shutting down, will return by next year

/ 5 years ago

The message that was put up in Scythe U.S. has brought a misunderstanding. Initially the message put on their website made it clear that Scythe U.S. operations was shutting down- but after speaking for Scythe Taiwan, the company is currently being restructured, which resulted in closing down in Scythe U.S.

After sending a mail to Hank Peng in Scythe Taiwan office, he confirmed that the Japanese operations will still continue and that Scythe U.S. office will return by mid 2013. As of now activities done by Scythe U.S. will be carried out by Scythe, Taiwan.
Scythe notice
The misunderstanding was created by the message that was put in Scythe U.S. website- and the message which is still there. But it looks like Scythe is still live and kicking.

Also, apologies from my end for making a blooper yesterday saying that it was Scythe that was shutting down and not Scythe U.S.

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