Congress Tells NASA: Get to Mars by 2033

/ 9 months ago

Congress Tells NASA: Get to Mars by 2033

Both chambers of US Congress have passed a bill that approves funding new funding for NASA and mandates that the aeronautics agency create a roadmap to get humans to Mars within 25 years. The NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017put to Congress late last year and passed by the Senate earlier this year before approval by the House of Representatives on 7th March – grants $19.508 billion to NASA to plan a human Mars mission for the 2030s, plus funding a return to the Moon and a unmanned mission to Jupiter’s ice-covered moon, Europa, as well as a plethora of Earth and space-based endeavours.

Now that both chambers of Congress have approved the bill, President Trump – who has already voiced his support for a manned NASA mission to Mars – will either sign the bill into law or veto it.

Key sections of Congress’ 146-page document include (via Business Insider):

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