Connie Robotic Concierge Is Powered by IBM Watson

/ 2 years ago

Connie Robotic Concierge Is Powered by IBM Watson

If you plan to spend some time at Virginia’s Hilton McLean Hotel anytime soon, then you’re in for a real treat as you’ll be able to interact with the hotel’s brand new “Connie” concierge. Connie is actually a Nao robot powered by IBM‘s Watson AI, and it is tasked with helping tourists out with information regarding the hotel itself or about its surroundings. Named after the hotel chain’s founder, Conrad Hilton, this little robot greets guests when they arrive and responds surprisingly fast to queries. Apparently, it was designed to better itself over time as it memorizes people’s questions for future reference, and since it is linked to WayBlazer’s travel platform, it can actually provide relevant information regarding restaurants and tourists spots, for example.

It’s not exactly clear if similar robots will make their way to other Hilton hotels, as it all depends on Connie’s performance. The project is being described as a “pilot” for now, but it definitely shows a lot of promise. Since it is still in its early stages, Connie might not be able to help out people all the time, especially if they don’t ask relevant questions. However, since it has the ability to adapt, it might be able to participate in interesting conversations some day.

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