Consumer SSD Prices To Tumble As Vendors Engage In Price War

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There’s good news for consumers out there as industry experts Digitimes report that consumer SSD prices are to continue their drastic fall as competition is heating up. Major suppliers Micron Technology (who produce Crucial branded products), Intel, Kingston Technology, SanDisk and Samsung are all gearing up for a price battle. Micron has reduced its sales of NAND chips to other companies in order to boost supply and sales of its own Crucial brand. Micron hopes to double its quarter on quarter shipments of SSDs. Micron’s big push will be spearheaded by their newest affordable release – the Crucial MX100 series as well as the recent M550 series.

Kingston are also making a big push with their SSD shipments now reaching a hefty 600,000 per month, competing with SanDisk and Samsung for the number one spot. It is also expected that Intel’s 9 Series chipset motherboards will open up another market for SSD vendors as they can now push into both M.2 and SATA Express based SSD products which is a new and rapidly growing market. SanDisk has recently become the #2 vendor in the consumer SSD space with a 16% share in 2013 as well as an aggressive rise in sales for SanDisk in the enterprise market which they hope will generate them $1 billion in sales by 2016. SanDisk’s enterprise portfolio is being spearheaded by products like the X210 Business class SSD.

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Source: Digitimes

Image courtesy of Crucial

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