Contract prices for DRAM keep going up while NAND flash is going down

/ 6 years ago

The data compiled by DRAMeXchange shows the late March contract prices for DRAM memory have risen 2-3% while the prices for NAND flash continue to go down.

Both of these are affected by various factors. One of them is the demand for memory cards and drives in the channel market hasn’t been very high. On the other end of the line, the system OEMs are being careful about replenishing their inventory due to the new products not reaching the shelves until the second quarter. This factor has caused the price for NAND flash contract prices to decrease for the second half of March.

Some chip suppliers are used to cut the prices in order to stimulate demand, however they have now become more reluctant to lower the prices as these wouldn’t create any profit, so the late March contract prices have only decreased by a small amount.

As for the second half of 2012, things are looking better as the demand of NAND flash will be boosted by the launch of Ivy Bridge ultrabooks, USB 3.0 peripherals, smartphones and tablet PCs which should help lift the prices.

As mentioned above, the contract prices for DRAM memory saw slight increase in the second half of March, with 2GB and 4GB DDR3 modules reaching $10 and $19, respectively.

Source & Image: DigiTimes

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