Control & Genshin Impact Go Free at Epic Games Store

Although the Epic Games Store does manage to divide some opinions in our community, by and large, it’s hard to complain about the number of free games the platform has given away since it was launched back in late 2019. With the weekend fast approaching, however, if you wanted a bit of PC gaming fun, and one with no price tag, then you’ll want to check this out as in their latest promotion, you can now claim, own, play, and keep, both Control and Genshin Impact.

More Free Titles on the Epic Games Store

Although the Epic Games Store had been teasing something big on the way as part of their latest promotion, even I’ll admit that I’m surprised by this one. Control was a major AAA-title and was only released in August 2019. More so, Genshin Impact only made its debut on the EGS earlier this week. Put simply, with the only exception being when they gave GTA V away for free, this looks to be one of their biggest and best promotions to date!

Where Can I Grab My Games?

To claim your free games, you will need to set up an account with the Epic Games Store and have their app installed on your PC. A factor that has proven to be one of the biggest grumbling points for many. However, if you don’t have any problem with the EGS, you can learn more (and claim your games) via the official website here!

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Mike Sanders

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