Control Your Gadgets With a Tattoo?

We all like the ability to control our stuff without being directly in front of it. From a simple TV remote to an app on your phone to control your heating, lighting and speakers all around your house, saving those precious seconds appeals to everyone. It would seem that Microsoft and MIT agree as they have now developed a temporary tattoo that could be used as a trackpad to control your gadgets off your arm.

The tattoos are created by a fabrication process developed by the two groups called “DuoSkin”. The technique creates a temporary metallic tattoo on skin that can be used in three different ways. Firstly the tattoo can be used to store data, such as that which NFC devices can pick up and transmit while the second use allows the tattoo to change colour based on body temperature. The third use is the most different, with the tattoo becoming a trackpad, button or slider for your mobile devices.

With that tattoos printed by a 3D printer, people can create and use designs varying from a line of chevrons to butterflies and flames.

Imagine going to a business conference and being able to scan in someone’s tattoo from a company logo printed on their hand or why not remote control your TV as you watch Netflix without a single device within reach? What uses could you find for the tattoos? Tell us in the comments below.

Gareth Andrews

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