Cooler Master announce the USNA 120W universal laptop adapter

/ 6 years ago

“The Apex of Portable Power” well its not just your average charger it has been designed round the idea of a one-for-all charger not only does it come with 10 charger tips but also has two USB charging ports offering connection for pretty much any USB powered device.

The two USB ports offer high powered charging at 30-50% faster speeds than PC USB ports, one port provides a 1A power output that far exceeds your typical PC USB port power output used to charge your digital music player, smart phone, GPS or any other USB-powered device, The 2A secondary USB port can rapidly charge larger devices such as Tablet PCs. Two LED indicator lights notify the user when these fast charging cycles are in process or have completed.

Maintaining an eco-friendly energy efficiency of up to 90%, The USNA 120W provides a high 19V output that often exceeds that of the original notebook power adapter.

The charging device is due out this month but as yet no pricing is available.


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