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Cooler Master GA2701S Full HD 100Hz IPS Monitor Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The Cooler Master 27″ Full HD 100Hz Adaptive Sync IPS Gaming Monitor is available now from Scan.co.uk for an extremely reasonable £99.98. Which is not only a good price for a 27″ monitor, but even more so from a well-loved and respected brand name like Cooler Master, and with it’s 100Hz Adaptive Sync, 1ms response time, and decent colour reproduction, I think it’s a hard deal to beat right now.


There’s no shortage of incredible gaming monitors these days, but they can often be pretty expensive if you want the best out there. But not everyone needs 180Hz+, 4K, or a 32″ panel, and a lot of people don’t even have a gaming PC that could take advantage of the best monitors out there. So if you need something to suit a more affordable system, this certainly fits that bill.

I think the price, size and specification make this an ideal candidate for a second monitor too. If you’re throwing it off to the side of a laptop or work computer, it’s great for expanding your desktop space. Furthermore, if you have a high-end main display, this 100Hz panel is great for throwing on some YouTube, Discord and other bits so you can keep the primary screen for work and gaming.

The stand is pretty basic, but again, at this price, I think that’s perfectly acceptable and for many users, it’s more than sufficient. The inclusion of a VESA mount on the back is great though, and wall mounts, gas lift arms and after-market stands are incredibly cheap these days anyway. The VonHaus stands I use on four of my own monitors are usually on sale for around £18 quid anyway.

With a brightness of around 250cd/n and 1000:1 contrast ratio, this monitor is about the same as any other sub £200 monitor and is bright enough in a well-lit room for daily tasks with no major concerns. The colour reproduction is decent, and surprisingly accurate too, and I don’t think most users would need to adjust anything other than the brightness level to suit their needs.

If you’re looking for a quality monitor for work and gaming for under £100, I really can’t think of anything else on the market right now that I’d buy over this. It’s affordable, it delivers great performance for that price range, and it looks pretty decent too, all with the added fact it’s from a major brand name and not one of those weird looking import brands you see flooding Amazon these days.

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