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Cooler Master GM34-CWQ ARGB Monitor Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The technologies in this monitor we’re typically found in much more expensive models not so long ago. To get this resolution and size of a curved panel, with a fast refresh rate, HDR, and excellent colour reproduction could have meant an investment of over £1000, easily. However, amazingly, this monitor is just £449.99 at launch, which I think represents pretty incredible value for money. Sure, it’s not cheap, but again, for the number of features and the level of performance you get, it seems pretty modest to me.


Cooler Master may be better known for things like PC cases, coolers, and similar components, and perhaps even more so, their gaming peripherals, such as their award-winning mechanical keyboards. However, it’s clear that they’re very much in tune with what modern PC gamers want in a monitor too. They may not have released many monitors, and they may be a fairly new player in the monitor market, but clearly, they’re doing it right.

Premium Yet Affordable

The build quality is very good on this monitor. Sure, there are some fairly standard plastics on the back, but it’s clear that Cooler Master has put some effort into it to make the design interesting. However, they’ve invested money where it matters and provided one of the nicest and most unique looking stands on any PC monitor out there right now. It’s slim, has a unique Cooler Master shape, and it even has ARGB lighting, which is really cool.

No Need to Calibrate

While the out-of-the-box performance is extremely impressive, those wanting to dive into deeper customisation options will find there is plenty on offer. However, for most users I suggest leaving things at stock, or at most, using one of the built-in profiles, as they’re really good. Of course, for advanced users, it’s always nice to have all those options too.

Should I Buy One?

The Cooler Master GM34-CWQ ARGB Monitor really ticks a lot of boxes that are going to make it appealing to a wide variety of users. If you’re a gamer, the high refresh rate, FreeSync Premium and fast response time are going to appeal the most. If you’re a content creator, accurate colour reproduction is a huge benefit. And if you’re a gamer, content creator or movie fan, the 21:9 ultrawide format is going to be great for all of them! Everything else, such as the cool stand, good ergonomics, Type-C and more is just sweetening the deal, and at this price range, the CM34-CWQ ARGB is going to be hard to beat.

Cooler Master GM34-CWQ ARGB Monitor Review

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