Cooler Master Hyper 612S CPU Cooler Review

/ 6 years ago

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Cooler Master have long been one of the major contenders in the CPU cooling market. Their popular enthusiast orientated ‘V’ series continues to offer excellent cooling performance at the price overclockers and gamers demand. The performance and price of their V6GT in particular was so competitive that we actually awarded it the coveted eTeknix gold award and continue to use it as a worthy comparison to the other CPU coolers we test. The ‘V’ series isn’t Cooler Master’s only claim to fame though. They currently offer one of the best price vs performance coolers available in the legendary Hyper 212 Plus. While Cooler Master may have a well established line-up of high performance coolers, low noise solutions are something they have been lacking, until now that is.

The Hyper 612S is one of the first attempts by Cooler Master to enter and conquer the low noise CPU cooler market. The heatsink itself is huge! It consists of no fewer than 6 6mm copper heatpipes, a flat copper base and a large aluminium fin array. The spacing between each aluminium fin is far wider than we have become accustomed to from Cooler Master CPU coolers. The wide fan gaps allow the 1300 RPM, 120mm fan to offer optimal cooling performance at its low fan speed while also keeping noise output to a minimum.

All modern Intel and AMD sockets are compatible with the Hyper 612S meaning that anybody using a modern system can (hopefully) enjoy the benefits of quiet computing and effective CPU cooling performance. Priced at around £35 this low noise solution could be perfect for enthusiasts who crave high overclocks and low noise.

So have Cooler Master hit a stroke of genius by expanding their cooling product category to the low noise market or should they have stuck to performance orientated coolers? Let’s find out.

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