Cooler Master Launches the H100 Mini-ITX Cube Case

Introducing the Cooler Master H100, a new high-airflow chassis that can house a mini-ITX motherboard. This adorable compact enclosure is essentially a shrunk down version of the H500 case. Maintaining a similar aesthetic style which is ideal as both a LAN party gaming rig and as a living room gaming HTPC. In fact, Cooler Master has built-in a handle at the top for convenient transporting.

What Can You Fit Inside the H100 Chassis?

Measuring just 312mm x 216mm x 301mm, the H100 forgoes any 5.25″ drive options. Instead, it uses the entire front area to fit a 200m intake fan. This fan operates up to 800 rpm and has a 4-pin RGB LED connectivity. So users can integrate it into their motherboard’s +12V RGB LED system.

Storage options instead include four 2.5″ drive bays. Three of which are dedicated with the fourth one being a combo option for a 3.5″ drive. These are located on the floor and at the mounting plate on the side. This plate is removable should users need to access the internal chamber. The PSU mounting position is also offset a bit at the back to allow for more room internally.

You can also fit a either a 200mm, 140mm or a 120mm radiator in the front of this MasterCase chassis. Although keep in mind that this restricts component clearance when you do. The power supply for example drops down from having a 210mm clearance to just 160mm. Meanwhile, video cards can be 180mm long with a radiator, but up to 210mm without. As for the CPU cooler, these can be up to 83mm tall inside.

How Much is the CM MasterCase H100?

The MasterCase H100 has an MSRP of just £54.99. For now, there are now tempered glass side panel options available.

For more information and full specifications, visit the MasterCase H100 official product landing page.

Ron Perillo

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