Cooler Master MasterNotePal Maker Review

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Cooler Master MasterNotePal Maker Review

Many of us have used a gaming laptop, notebook or any other form of mobile computer at some point in our lives. One thing that’s often proved troublesome for many of these systems is cooling, with such a compact form factor, the fans are usually small and rely on limited airflow to keep their components cool. Now, this isn’t an issue most of the time, but when you’re working on more demanding tasks such as gaming, the hardware gets hot and those fans have to work pretty hard. This often results in a significant increase in noise from the system, and temperatures can limit the performance. This is impacted even further if you’re in a hot room, and often a lot more on cheaper or older systems. You can combat this with a notebook cooler, not always the best solution, but an easier fix than replacing your entire system with something more efficient.

“MasterNotepal Series is modular, allowing you to build a desktop fortress of USB devices, strip it down into a thin aluminum surface for the couch, or a rubber-sleeved USB hub that props your laptop up at the café The ultimate desktop station warrior who needs different angles for viewing and typing will make the MasterNotepal Maker’s detachable base station the final stop. Five different viewing angles and two rubber knobs cover desk denizens and nomads alike, giving you greater flexibility whether you’re at home or in the office” – Cooler Master

The Coolermaster MasterNotePal Maker is said to be one of the best notebook coolers around, offering a modular design that will help ensure your system gets the airflow it needs, right where it needs it, as well as boosting your connectivity and more, so we’re pretty eager to test it out.

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It comes in a tidy looking box, showing off the design of the cooler on the front of the box, as well as the maximum notebook size; 17-inches.


Around the back, a quick technical breakdown, and a breakdown image of the major components.


Everything comes neatly packaged, with lots of protective foam around the important components to keep them safe in transit.


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2 Responses to “Cooler Master MasterNotePal Maker Review”
  1. Casper Claudi says:

    how did it effect temperature? and how did it effect FPS in games? is it to much to ask? 🙂

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