Cooler Master MM712 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Cooler Master is one of the leading names when it comes to PC components and peripherals, with an incredible range of PC cases, coolers and power supplies. They’ve pushed into the world of PC gaming monitors recently too, with unrelenting success too I might add. However, today, I’ll obviously be focusing on their gaming peripherals, such as this lovely new Cooler Mater MM712 wireless gaming mouse. It’s packed full of appealing features, the first obviously being that it’s wireless. However, it also comes with an ultra-light design, USB-C, Bluetooth, RGB lighting, and a few other nice features that are sure to appeal to many.

Cooler Master MM712

Available in either black or white, the MM712 features an ultralight design that’s bucking one trend, out is the honeycomb design and back in is a more traditional shell, but amazingly, it still weighs just 59 grams. Even Cooler Master’s product page says “don’t ask us how we did it — just be happy we did.” Beyond that, there’s a very nice 19,000 DPI optical sensor, optical microswitches, three modes of connectivity, up to 180 hours of battery life, and more. Honestly, given this mouse is only £59.99 at the time of writing, it seems too good to be true!


  • STYLISH & LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing in at an incredible 59g, the MM712 features a smooth shell for increased durability; The subtle RGB lighting in the logo can be adjusted to taste or to show real-time DPI settings
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY & SMOOTH GLIDING – Features a PixArt PAW3370 optical sensor (≤19K DPI) for minimal lag & stuttering & superior tracking (400 IPS, 1000Hz/125Hz (BT), <2mm Lift Off, 50g Acceleration); High-grade, low-friction PTFE feet improve movement
  • DURABLE & RESPONSIVE – L/R buttons employ incredibly durable optical micro switches (rated at 70 million clicks each) with a near-instantaneous debounce time (0.2ms); The ergonomic shell is optimised for right-handed gamers who favour a palm or claw grip
  • HYBRID CONNECTION – Cooler Master’s Ultraweave Cable (1.8m, gold-plated USB, 1000Hz) can be detached for either Bluetooth (max. 180h, 125Hz) or 2.4GHz wireless (max. 80hrs, 1000Hz) connectivity (500mAh battery); Compatible with PC or MacOS platforms
  • NEW ON-THE-FLY SYSTEM – Cooler Master’s new optimised system allows on-the-fly adjustments of such features as keybinds, DPI & polling rate with the press of a button without opening the software; MasterPlus+ software (currently PC only) is supported

What Cooler Master Had to Say

“The MM712 is the next evolution of our first popular lightweight mouse, leveled up to lightweight prestige. It retains all the same benefits: gaming-grade sensor, hybrid 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.1 wireless capability, PTFE feet for unrivaled glide, optical micro switches for near-instant input, and ultraweave cable for minimal snagging. However, it does all this while shedding the shredded chassis, opting instead for a seamless, hole-less profile specially engineered to remain 59g in total weight. Responsive, agile, and tactile, the MM712 truly fills in the gaps of its perforated predecessors.” – Cooler Master

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