Cooler Master MWE Gold 750 V2 Power Supply Review

Over Power Protection and Max Wattage

Although technically rated to 750 watts of power output, it is neither unusual nor uncommon for power supplies to offer a fairly significant ‘overhead’. While it is always advisable to base your power supply on the needs of your system’s components, if you do ever have to ask it to work a little harder, it’s nice to know that there is some wiggle room to work with.

In regards to the Cooler Master MWE GOLD 750 V2, it achieved nearly 250 watts over its rated amount before the OPP’s successfully kicked in. As such, not only do you have plenty of ‘margin for error’, but if you do ever push your power needs a little too far, the protections will step in perfectly to prevent any components from potentially being damaged.

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Mike Sanders

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