Cooler Master Oracle Air NVME M.2 SSD Enclosure Review

Cooler Master isn’t a brand I would normally associate with storage products. Sure, they’ve got a mighty portfolio already, with some of the best cases, coolers, power supplies, and monitors on the market today. So why are they playing around in the storage market? Well, it seems this idea is one of those ideas born out of lockdown of all things! With the work-from-home culture taking over due to Covid, Cooler Master staff needed a storage solution that would allow them to work from home, but also deal with a sporadic office schedule too. This spawned the idea that they should create their own branded external drive dock, and from that little idea, we now have the Oracle!

This is a really interesting external NVMe dock too, most notably because of the design, as it’s by far one of the coolest and most interesting I’ve seen, ever. That’s not an easy task either, as storage is for the most part, about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. The awesome design is set to offer impressive cooling performance, easy maintenance, portability, and durability. I love that it has a unique design that can allow for 3D printed customization (more on that later), and it even supports MOLLE to hook it onto various backpacks and similar products. It’s meant for people on the go, not just to sit at your desk all day.


  • Blistering Speed, On-The-Go – Whether you’re gaming, editing, or creating on the fly, the Oracle Air easily transfers data at speeds up to 1000mbps by utilizing the latest NVME interface paired with USB 3.2.
  • Dual Layer Cooling – The inner core consists of a large heatsink built in for highly effective heat distribution and rapid cooling even under extended use. A sleek, protective outer layer allows for maximum ventilation while keeping Oracle Air cool to the touch.
  • Install In Seconds – Turn your NVME M.2 SSD into a portable storage drive in just four steps! Engineered for intuitive use, Oracle Air keeps things simple for the user by completely omitting the need for screws or tools during its installation process.
  • Painless Upgrades, Future-Proof – Oracle Air accommodates NVME M.2 SSD drives of all sizes to satisfy various needs. Fuel your passion with reliable, easily upgradable storage or rapidly switch between multiple SSDs for quick access.
  • Plug and Play, MOLLE Compatible – Bring your creative space with you wherever you go. Built-in MOLLE compatibility allows you to easily attach Oracle Air onto backpacks and more, facilitating instant, secure access to countless games and files.
  • Multi-Platform and Device Support – Enjoy out-of-the-box support for PlayStation, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS whether you choose to use Oracle Air for work or play.

What Cooler Master Had to Say

Oracle Air features a unique dual-layer design that allows for advanced heat dissipation that still keeps the device cool to the touch. Full tool-less installation allows for easy upgrades and quick access between multiple SSDs, so users can work and play on the go.” – Cooler Master

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