Cooler Master’s 90-Degree ATX 24-Pin Adapter is Now Available

Power From A Different Angle

Cooler Master has released their new ATX 24-pin 90 degree adapter accessory. This plugs in directly on the motherboard’s 24-pin connector and provides users with an elevated room to plug in their PSU. The result is much cleaner and easier installation. Especially in smaller form factor motherboards with large heatsinks.

This ATX 24-pin adapter actually comes in two different versions. One is a straight 1-to-1 adapter. Meanwhile, the other has capacitors, which helps with stabilizing power output. Both plug in similarly like any 24-pin connector would and is made of ABS 94-V0 plastic. The power supply connector is virtually unchanged over the years, so this is backwards and forwards compatible with powering up a motherboard. No need to worry about changing standards like a CPU socket, so it is highly reusable in builds.

There is a logo on the front facing the front view. Although this does not light up and has no LEDs so it does not consume any power.

No word yet on whether Cooler Master intends to release other colour variants in the future. White and gray in particular would be welcome additions aside from the standard black.

How Much are These 24-pin ATX 90 Degree Adapters?

Both are available via Cooler Master’s EU CMStore or other retailers carrying their products. The standard version costs €14.95, while the version with capacitors cost €19.95.

Ron Perillo

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