Coolermaster HAF Stacker And More On Display At CeBIT 2014

/ 4 years ago


We stopped by the Coolermaster both at CeBIT 2014 and while they didn’t have anything we haven’t seen before, it’s always nice to take a nosey around all the top products from a brand in one place. Most importantly of all is the HAF Stacker, an incredible high-end enthusiast case that can be stacked on top of other HAF Stacker cases, making it as flexible and capable as you need with virtually no limits. We’ve actually got a three-part Stacker in the office, so keep an eye on the site over the next few weeks for a full review.

Next up we have the quick Fire Rapid and Trigger Z keyboard, with a choice of mechanical Cherry MX switch types, LED back lighting and superb build quality, these are great keyboards for gamers and generally anyone who has to sit working at their computer a lot. Have a craving for something a little more high-end? Then check out the Novatouch TKL (ten keys less) Keyboard at the bottom right, it features “Electrostatic Capacitive Switches”, which you may know as Japanese Topre switches instead of Cherry MX switches. It’s a tad expensive at around $200, but the build quality and general feel of the switch is nothing short of lush. This keyboard isn’t on the market just yet, but it will be very soon.


The Nepton 280L and the 140 were on display too, representing the latest water coolers in the Coolermaster range and promise big improvements over last years models. Again, we have these in the eTeknix office ready for testing at the moment, we’ll be bringing you a full review of them very soon.


The box like Elite 110 mini-ITX (bottom left) features support for a full size ATX PSU, a pre-installed 120mm fan and room for two 80mm fans, 3 x 3.5″ drives and 4 x 2.5″ drives. The Silencio 652 is a full ATX chassis which comes with a sleek front panel, plenty of filtered ventilation and is packed tight with sound dampening materials to help keep your rig as quiet as a mouse.



There are many more great manufacturers here at CeBIT 2014, so stay tuned for even more coverage from this weeks show.

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