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CoolerMaster Launches the MasterAir ‘Stealth’ Series

CoolerMaster has today announced the launch of its latest MasterAir ‘Stealth’ series of CPU coolers. With options available to suit all requirements (including those of you who have very little love for ARGB lighting), the series offers strong airflow performance while still maintaining excellent RAM compatibility.

CoolerMaster MasterAir MA612 Stealth & MA612 Stealth ARGB

The MA612 Stealth delivers impressive performance with an equally stunning finish. Designed with jet black hardware throughout, its sleek look matches its exceptional cooling capability. The asymmetrical heat pipe design provides RAM compatibility and clearance, with its 6 pipes and a nickel-plated base working simultaneously to remove heat rapidly. It features a twin SickleFlow fan setup for a powerful Push-Pull configuration. The MA612 Stealth brings to you unmatched performance in a premium polished package.

This CPU cooler is available in both standard and ARGB variants.

  • Dual SickleFlow 120 Fan – Twin setup of redesigned curved blades optimizes airflow and pressure.
  • 6 Heat Pipes with Nickel Plated Base – 6 heat pipes and nickel-plated copper base provides maximum coverage for optimal cooling.
  • Asymmetrical Heat Pipe Design – Asymmetrical heat pipe design provides RAM compatibility and clearance for various motherboards
  • Stealth Black Hardware – All-black hardware throughout offers a dark premium finish.

CoolerMaster MasterAir MA624 Stealth

The MA624 Stealth brings to you twice the performance with dual fans and tower in a striking package. Equipped with premium jet-black hardware throughout, itsperformance is just as impressive as it looks. The twin 140mm SickleFlow fan combined with dual tower heatsink configuration delivers a powerful Push-Pull setup, with its 6 pipes and nickel-plated base working in sync to draw heat out rapidly. An optional 3rd 120mm fan is included to you for swap out for necessary RAM clearance. The MA624 Stealth is the ultimate artillery to blast away heat in your system.

  • DualTower Heat Sink – Dual heatsink combination provides twice the surface area for exceptional cooling.
  • 6 Heat Pipes with Nickel Plated Base – 6 heat pipes and nickel plated base provides optimal coverage for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Dual SickleFlow 140 Fan – Twin fans utilize Push-Pull setup for optimal airflow and pressure.
  • RAMClearance Option – Optional 3rd SickleFlow 120mm fan included for necessary RAM compatibility and clearance.

Price & Availability

CoolerMaster has confirmed that all three variants are available to purchase now with the following MSRPs:

  • MasterAir MA624 Stealth – £99.99
  • MasterAir MA612 Stealth – £79.99
  • MasterAir A612 Stealth ARGB – £89.99

If you do, therefore, want to learn more about these cooling solutions, you can check out the official CoolerMaster website via the link here!

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Mike Sanders

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