CoolerMaster N200, N400 & N600 Out Now

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It was just a few days ago that we announced the pending release of the new CoolerMaster range and now it seems we didn’t have long to wait at all!

CoolerMaster have released three new models into the wild, the N200, N400 and the N600, although no sign of the two models we discussed in our last article (N300 & N500). Fortunately though, like the other two models, the new N200, N400 and N600 all have support for 240mm radiators, impressive air cooling and a fancy front mesh design that should set them apart from near another other chassis range on the market.

The N200 is a M-ITX / M-ATX chassis with room for a front mounted 240mm radiator and a 120mm back radiator and still has room for long graphics cards, tall CPU coolers and plenty of storage (3 x 3.5″ + 4 x 2.5″ HDD).


Next up we have the larger N400 which features pretty much the same, but with support for ATX motherboard, the 240mm radiator is installed on the side of the case, support for up to 8 fans and room for eight hard drives.

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The N600 is the big boy of the bunch, with support for up to 10 x 120mm fans, it features a LED fan controller, removable drive cage, as well as the same support for long GPU’s, large CPU coolers and the 240mm radiator can be installed in the top or the side.


The N200 and N400 feature two high quality 120mm CoolerMaster fans, but the N600 features four to compensate for its larger size. Prices should be around €33, €42 and €67.50 for the N200, N400 and N600 respectively (Ex VAT).

We will follow up with reviews of these chassis as soon as possible, so stay tuned for more details in the very near future.

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  1. They look quite snazzy to me.

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