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CoolerMaster V850 Gold i 850 Watt PCIe 5 Fully Modular 80+ Gold SILENT PSU/Power Supply

  • An indispensable digital power supply in the digital age, in addition to its excellent hardware design and materials, coordinate MasterPlus+ the platform to let you manage power more effectively.
  • This power supply unit contains a semi-digital platform. This allows you to connect the PSU directly to the motherboard via an included USB 3.0 cable.
  • With the digital platform you can monitor performance in real time, tracking details such as fan speed, temperature, and current load. You can even get readouts of performance data collected over time. Make the most of your PSU by taking control of it directly.
  • Compliant with ATX3.0 standard and 12VHPWR connector, the V Gold i can support the peak power up to 200% more than rated power.
  • The V Gold i uses a 135mm silent fan. This bearing is ideal because of it’s quiet performance in both low and high fanspeed scenarios.
  • With a fully modular setup, each system only needs to include the cables required for its individual components. This unused space within the chassis allows for reduced clutter and better airflow, thereby improving your system’s overall cooling and carrying an aesthetic benefit.

Was £129.98 Now £89.99

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