Copyright Troll Caught Seeding Own Torrents

/ 5 years ago


An interesting and quite entertaining Torrent Freak report has revealed that a copyright troll has been actively seeding its own illegally downloadable content on the Pirate Bay.

Comcast confirmed that Pirate Bay user Sharkmp4 is directly linked to the infamous patent troll Prenda Law. The Pirate Bay helped Comcast expose the copyright troll who is running a honeypot on the famous torrent website. The exposure came for a report from June released by Delvan Neville, a company that monitors BitTorrent users, and it accused Prenda Law of running the “Honey Pot” tactic. The reports suggest that the law firm was a major seeder of the files which it claimed to be protecting.  The Pirate Bay managed to join the dots up by matching the IP address of user Sharkmp4 to Prenda Law’s IP address.

Do you think these kind of set-ups or honey pot traps should be allowed?

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2 Responses to “Copyright Troll Caught Seeding Own Torrents”
  1. Tyree J Simmons says:

    Depends… Ill try something before i buy it.

  2. Nathaniel Watson says:

    Cops cant charge people with tickets if they broke the law to do it, copyright infringement should be no different. In order to convict anyone who downloaded that file, the company should have to charge itself for every person who downloaded the file from them.

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