CoreOS Launches First OS-as-a-Service, Ending The Upgrade Cycle

/ 3 years ago

CoreOS released its CoreOS Managed Linux distribution, now available for $100 (£58) per month, being promoted as the first OS-as-a-service.

Administrators don’t have to worry about updates, with patches and necessary fixes provided whenever needed.  This helps companies reduce likelihood of downtime to upgrade software, which can help ease workload and boost functionality.

If administrators don’t want certain software patches to be updated, they can use the CoreUpdate dashboard to assign which updates go live – and can use a roll-back feature, if a software update proves unstable.

Here is what Mike Abbott, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers general partner, said in a press statement:

“The technology behind CoreOS is game-changing.  CoreOS is solving infrastructure problems that have plagued the space for years with an operating system that not only automatically updates and patches servers with the latest software, but also provides less downtime, furthering the security and resilience of Internet architecture.”

CoreOS also uses up to 40 percent less RAM than other Linux server installations, as designers tried to streamline hardware requirements.

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Although companies enjoy providing free Linux distributions to customers, offering commercial subscriptions – which Red Hate, Suse, and others already do – helps generate revenue and attract a stable client base.

Even though the majority of PCs and laptops run Microsoft Windows, various flavors of Linux distributions remain popular for IT administrators and servers in the workplace.

Thank you to CoreOS for providing us with this information

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