Corsair acquire Raptor Gaming

/ 5 years ago

Corsair’s push into the peripheral market continues after the acquisition of Raptor Gaming. The European based gaming peripheral company gives Corsair a boost in terms of its European market coverage as well as it giving it a whole new range of products to add to its portfolio.

As part of this transaction, Corsair receives Raptor Gaming’s full product portfolio of keyboards, mice, headsets, and accessories, which will form a new series of gaming products alongside Corsair’s existing award-winning line of Vengeance PC gaming products. Corsair will keep on a couple of Raptor Gaming executives as part of the deal to ensure the transition occurs smoothly.

“Corsair and Raptor share the same goal, bringing best-in-class PC hardware to gamers around the world,” said Andy Paul, President and CEO of Corsair. “Raptor Gaming’s strong retail presence will allow us to offer a wider range of PC hardware to gamers across Germany.”

“As gamers ourselves, we formed the Raptor Gaming business to create high-performance PC gear to give gamers the absolute best gaming experience,” said Dirk Schunk, CEO of Raptor Gaming. “Corsair’s strong global brand and worldwide distribution will open up Raptor Gaming products to a wider audience of gamers around the world.”

Corsair’s move not only serves to add to their European market presence but also it allows Corsair to be more visible in the clan gaming scene where it hopes to become a more dominant force.

Raptor gaming claims the be the inventor of:

  •  weight change system for high resolution gaming mice
  •  adjustable gaming keyboards
  •  integrated cable-management-system for gaming mice
  •  size adjustment for gaming mice
  •  gaming headsets with the ability to adjust to individual hearing point settings


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