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Corsair AX850 Titanium Modular Power Supply Review


As far as we can ascertain, the packaging and documentation for the Corsair AX850 makes little note of the ripple ‘noise’ level. Based on our results, however, we have absolutely no idea why. Across the 15 tests across 3 ranges of voltages, the results provided were exceptionally low. So low, in fact, that I’m fairly certain that these are the best results we have seen to date from a power supply. I stand to be proven wrong, but I certainly don’t recall seeing anything score as consistently low results as this.

If you were looking for some form of litmus test as to the build quality of the design and components used, this is it.

 Load (%)   3.3V  Ripple   5V Ripple   12V Ripple 
 20 2 2.2 10.4
 40 2.2 3.2 8.6
 60 3 4 6.6
 80 3 3 7.4
 100 2.8 3 8.4

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Mike Sanders

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