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Corsair AX850 Titanium Modular Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts


The Corsair AX850 retails for a price in the region of £220. In terms of similar power supplies, this sits pretty much in the middle of the pack. As such, while you can’t necessarily call it a bargain, it’s not overpriced either. It’s exactly what you would expect it to cost. Particularly if you’re looking for that Titanium efficiency rating.

Remember though, this power supply does have 1 trump card compared to the vast majority of other brands. Namely, that huge 10-year guarantee. Think about it, if you buy this, Corsair will still be guaranteeing it in 2028! This power supply isn’t a purchase, it’s an investment!


A simple way to address this product as an overview would be to state what we dislike about it. Specifically, what we found disagreeable in the aesthetics or what failures it saw in our testing. Why? Well, the short answer is because doing it that way we have absolutely nothing to say about it.

While attempting to avoid such hyperbolic terms as ‘perfect’, it is difficult to name anything that is wrong. The Corsair AX850 is a perfect example of what a great power supply should be! Strong, no-nonsense, powerful performance. It could have perhaps pushed the boat out a little more in terms of aesthetics. It isn’t, however, bland and certainly not to any degree of criticism.

Efficiency and Beyond

As this is a titanium rated efficiency power supply, the yardstick this has to achieve in terms of performance is significantly high. In fact, it’s as high as it gets under current power supply terms. Based on our testing though, the Corsair AX850 has every right to this certification. Going beyond the efficiency results, which were excellent, every other test we conducted failed to find a chink in the armour.

In fact, the ripple and voltage regulation testing actually proved to be the standout highlight. It didn’t have to be that great in those areas, but it still was!

Should I Buy One?

For £220, this might seem like quite an exceptional outlay for a power supply. You are, however, getting something truly special here. In fact, special perhaps isn’t the right word because there isn’t anything going on with the Corsair AX850. At least, nothing that they don’t clearly make known to you on the packaging. It is, however, perhaps the exceptional way in which it performs.

It’s a near perfect example of no-nonsense straight-up performance and that’s exactly what you want from a power supply. I wouldn’t only recommend this, this, I feel, sets the standard for what you should expect from a power supply of this level.

Corsair AX850 Titanium Modular Power Supply Review

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Mike Sanders

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