Corsair Demo New Gaming Chairs at CES 2017

/ 1 year ago


Corsair is moving into another market at CES 2017, as they show off their first attempt at gaming chairs. Now I know the word gaming gets tagged on to a lot of things, but these are very much just cosy chairs to sit in for work and/or gaming!

There’s a lot of brands moving into this market, often with cheaper products that aren’t very well made, and while there’s a market for that, Corsair is certainly more focused on the mid-to-high end of the market.


The T1 Race series has been designed by professionals in the racing seat market, although they skipped the 5-point safety harness for obvious reasons.


You get plenty of bells and whistles with the chairs, such as 4-D adjustment arms, head cushion, lumbar cushion, height adjustment, backrest adjustment, high-quality PU leather and an overall rather fantastic looking design. Prices are expected to be around $350, which is very competitive, and having sat in them for a good twenty minutes, we can confirm they’re a great place to spend some time!






We look forward to getting one in for review in the near future, so stay tuned for more information.


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