Corsair Dominator Titanium 7200MHz 48GB DDR5 Memory Review

A Closer Look

There’s no doubt about it, this is a stunning-looking set of DDR5 memory! As you can see, we have the white version in for review, but it will be available in black or grey variants too, so you can find one that best suits your style.

They are quite large too, so if you have a PC case or build that’s height-limited, do keep that in mind, as this would likely conflict with some air coolers too.

The design looks amazing though, with the matte white looking clean and tidy. Of course, there’s the subtle Dominator Titanium logo in the middle, and there are three two strips of lighting down the sides, as well as a third visible section that runs down the spine.

There is a small seam just above the screws and below the RGB lines, this is where you can separate the spine to swap out for the alternative one. Of course, if you need a tool to open it up, remember that came included in the box too!

With the top part removed, you can see that it really is a completely separate module, with a port to plug it into the PCB to provide power and data to the RGB modules at the top.

It plugs into the top, then you just fix it down with the two screws on the spine, which is really cool. I wonder if we’ll see something similar trickle down to their less premium models in the future.

The alternative spine features these stunning fins, with a small opening on the side where you can see them passing vertically through the top section.

This spine design is actually what the older Corsair Dominator editions looked like, so it’s a nice callback to be able to have the old design included alongside the new design in one bundle. However, this top part isn’t equipped with RGB, nor does it improve or affect the cooling, it’s purely a style choice. Corsair says that 3D printing schematics should also be available soon.

Opening them up, the main body is constructed through two beautifully finished pieces of aluminium, with a large adhesive thermal pad ensuring excellent heat distribution throughout the modules.

Depending on which variant you order, the number of ICs is likely to change, and of course, their rated speeds can vary too, but Corsair offers this in speeds of up to 8000 MT/s, with the promise of even more extreme and faster modules in the future.

The memory uses SK Hynix H5CGD8MGBD DRAM ICs, which are most certainly among the best on the market right now, so it’s hardly a surprise to see them included here. There’s also a plethora of hardware dedicated to dealing with voltage regulation and stability here, which will help this memory maintain its promised performance levels. It’s all laid out in a way that it’s all cooled by the heatsink too.

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