Corsair HX 750 Platinum Power Supply Review

/ 9 months ago

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A Closer Look

Straight away you can see that the HX 750 looks like… almost every other Corsair PSU. This is no bad thing though, I quite like their designs. It’s chunky, but has some nicely finished edges, and one of their high-performance fans for ultra-quiet cooling performance.

Down each side, you’ll find a nice large Corsair HX 750 logo, which is invested on one side. This means you’ll have the logo on show the right way around, even if you install the PSU with the fan facing downwards. There’s a huge amount of ventilation around the back too. This is a big benefit, as this PSU can run passively (zero RPM fan mode) at certain loads, keeping it completely silent. As you can see, a small sticker on the back tells you that the fan may not spin all the time.

Around the back, you’ll find a nice collection of modular connectors. There’s a split 24-pin, 5 x 6-pin, and 4 x 8-pin. That’s more than enough for most high-end systems with up to two graphics cards. Interestingly, there’s also a switch to change the +12V rail from single to multiple rails. Most consumers aren’t going to need this, but if you need to load balance your system, it’s a nice thing to have and could help with extreme overclocking.

Finally, there’s a sticker on the base, showing you the power output capabilities, rail amps, etc. It’s all pretty straightforward, so let’s get it setup and see what it can do.

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