Corsair iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers Review

Have you finally filled every fan mount with as much RGB as it can take? Is your motherboard lit up to the max? Do you have an RGB keyboard and mouse? Awesome, but now where do you go? Breakaway from your hardware and throw some light up in the air with the LT100. Forget sticking a light strip to the back of your monitor, these mighty towers will give you all the ambient lighting your heart desires. Featuring 92 RGB LEDs that can throw light against the wall, sync with your other hardware, and more.

Corsair iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers

What’s really cool is that you can have up to four of these towers in your setup. Each has 46 RGB LEDs, so you can get some really cool colour fades, transitions and effects. As you would expect from a Corsair product, they’re controlled by the fantastic iCUE software, meaning you can sync them with all your other Corsair products or use them on their own. I use Philips Hue in my house, and while it’s great it can do one colour at a time, so having something that is fully addressable is a big step up.


  • Expand Your Lighting: Add another 422mm-tall tower with 46 customizable LEDs to your ambient lighting setup (requires iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers Starter Kit, sold separately).
  • Immersive Ambient Lighting: Extend your PC’s RGB lighting, illuminating your environment with diffused colours and intricate lighting effects to create an immersive backdrop of ambient lighting.
  • Integrate with Games and Media: Synchronize your ambient lighting to dynamically match the on-screen action in games, movies, and videos, or turn your room into a living visualizer for your music.
  • Part of the iCUE Smart Lighting Ecosystem: Powered by CORSAIR iCUE software, enabling fully customized and synchronized RGB lighting across all iCUE-compatible CORSAIR devices in your system and all external iCUE Smart Lighting devices.
  • Reversible Orientation: Face the LT100 forward for more vivid, intense lighting or backward for more subtle illumination of your space.
  • Built-In Light Diffusion: LEDs are housed in a sturdy, light-diffusing casing that softens and blends light for a continuous and smooth effect.

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