Corsair Liquid GPU Cooler On Display at Computex 2014

/ 3 years ago


Computex 2014: We loved the NZXT G10 GPU water cooling bracket, but the new Corsair one looks set to improve on it in a big way. Using a more direct cooling design with its fan, the new corsair cooler will provide much more direct and efficient cooling of the VRM, something that will show big benefits for those that plan on taxing their graphics cards to the max over long periods, and Corsair say that when benching cards their cooler didn’t result in a GPU failure when compared to rival offerings. VRM cooling is very important and its something that seems to have been overlooked by some other products on the market.

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The GPU bracket looks really nice and obviously supports all major Asetek pumps. Details for price and release date will follow soon, but also expect a full review in the coming weeks.


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