Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse Review

A Closer Look & Performance

The Corsair M65 has always been a great looking mouse, but honestly, I think Corsair has done a fine job of keeping it up to date. A few minor tweaks here and there, but it’s still unmistakably sharing the same DNA as previous models. There’s a lot more aluminium showing on the left side, which looks really cool. Plus, they’ve given it that tasteful font on the top that says “M65” and that’s a branding style we see on most new Corsair hardware.

Down the left side, you’ll see they’ve given it their newer grip design, again, similar to other mice in their range, but it’s good that they’re paying attention to thematic details like this. The sniper button looks stunning too, it’s like a precious stone with this marble-like deep maroon colour to it.

The side panel is nicely flared out, giving you a pretty large grip area that will certainly improve the overall fit and control the mouse offers.

As you can see, there’s a large panel gap under there, as the top panels are actually mounted onto an aluminium subframe. This not only looks cool, but it reduces the materials required, and the weight as a result.

The right side panel has even more of that grip design too, and it works really well too. Of course, that’s good news for low DPI players who like to lift the mouse a lot.

The LMB and RMB are individually mounted and sprung. They’re pre-tensioned too, pulling the nose of the mouse down so it’s sitting right on the Omron Optical Switch. That means the action feels instant, with zero pre-travel or post-travel on the click. Honestly, it’s like a digital sniper rifle, and so tactile and even has a lovely sound to the click action. The same is true of the wheel, it just feels so well made and there’s no sloppiness between the bumps, and it has a tight click too, very impressive actually. My beloved Corsair Scimitar feels like it’s got some screws loose by comparison.

These buttons are for switching through your DPI level, well, at default they are. You can reprogram every button on this mouse to do whatever you really need it to.

On the underside, you can see that lovely aluminium frame. It looks great, but it also seriously elevates the overall build quality and durability of the mouse too.

If you’re wondering what those holes are for, you can drop in the weights for the weight tuning system, and then those silver caps screw in to lock everything down.

The mouse has a multi-zone RGB configuration, and by default, it’ll happily dance around a few colours as you would expect. However, all the lighting can be layered, timed, synced and all the usual jazz using Corsair’s iCUE software. The built-in profiles are more than enough for me, but there’s a lot of customisation here too, if you desire it.

The mouse just looks stunning though, and the crisp and vibrant colours of the lighting, and those trick underlighting effects, really elevate it.

Overall though, it’s the classic shape I love the most. They haven’t tinkered with it too much, so it feels familiar. However, as soon as you move the mouse and enjoy that sensor, or put your first click on those new switches… you’ll know this is a far cry from the older models. Old dog, very much onto some new tricks.

The shape and size fit my hand well in a palm rest, albeit, righthanded only.

The sniper button is right where you need it, but it’s got good resistance so you don’t accidentally hold it down.

The mouse works great in a claw grip too, even clicking towards the back of the switches, they still respond really well actually.

Plus, the sensor is legit the best I’ve ever seen, ever. At any DPI level, I had absolute control and saw zero errors. I could track the shapes perfectly. I did the smallest circle with the sniper button. There’s zero acceleration, angle snapping or jitter here, it’s truly a next-gen level of performance.

The software is great too, Corsair has long had the best UI for all their peripherals and RGB control. THe mouse is clearly pictured in the software, with each button easily laid out to configure.

You can clearly see what you’re setting to each button too, it’s very user friendly.

And you can save multiple profiles, layouts and more, directly to the mouse.

On really fun thing is the tilt. Want to peak around a corner in your game? Tilt the mouse to the side! You can use this for volume control, tabbing software, skipping tracks, macros and more. It’s pretty bonkers, and so long as you’re not using a lift-off technique, it’s actually quite comfortable and natural to control this feature.

You can fully configure the DPI in 1 DPI increments on both the X and Y axis. You can disable stages too if you want to bring it down to fewer or keep it on one fixed level. Interestingly, if you don’t have the software, you can adjust each profile in 50 DPI increments from the mouse, but you need the software for more fine-tuning beyond that.

8000 Hz polling means there are 8 action checks per millisecond rather than 1. That’s not going to bother me, honestly, but for the eSports pros who want every fraction off their reaction times… well, here it is!

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