Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse is available from today with prices in the UK around £69.99 (inc VAT), and in the US that’ll be $69.99 (ex tax). That’s a pretty fair price given the extremely high-end specifications on offer, and about on par with what I would have expected of it, and from Corsair. It’s hardly a bargain, but I don’t feel it’s in any way overpriced.


Corsair really makes my job easy with products like this, it’s hard not to gush about them, to be honest, but with such fine work as this, I think I’ll let myself off with it. They’ve taken a class-leading and much-loved product, tuned it up to the next level with an all-new sensor, new switches, and a whole range of other improvements, and it’s basically better in every measurable way. Actually, it’s better than just about anything else on the market.

Just a week ago I reviewed the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless, and which has the same sensor, but I think it performed even better in the new M65 RGB Ultra, but honestly, they’re both tremendous gaming mice, albeit with very different approaches to their design. The M65 is much more focused on the FPS market. I mean, as if the giant sniper button on the side wasn’t a total giveaway.

The sniper button is great for higher DPI gaming, then just hold the button and you can drop the DPI down to get those precision shots. It’s great for playing games like Battlefield, as I like the DPI higher for faster tank turret turning. That being said, it’s great for photoshop work too or setting the button to a knife attack. I guess that’s the joy of a fully programmable mouse, you can do what you want.

The gesture controls are a gimmick, and an accidental one too. They included a sensor to cut out the optical sensor sooner when you lift the mouse to move it; something a lot of gamers do when using lower DPI levels. However, that sensor works great for gesture control too, and while tipping your mouse to send a command sounds weird, it’s amazing how quickly you can adapt it, it doesn’t feel weird. So yes, a gimmick, and possibly one they didn’t originally intend, but it’s one that works, and I expect it’ll be seen in future Corsair products too.

The ultra-tight responsive feel of the Corsair Quickstrike Buttons and those lovely OMRON switches are by far my favourite thing though. It seems silly but I found myself just sitting here clicking the damn thing because it was so satisfying. Then I snapped out of it and played some games… I mean, did some work and REALLY enjoyed the mouse properly.

Should I Buy One?

The Corsair M65 was great to begin with, and it just keeps on getting better. Normally, some product upgrades are minor and you wouldn’t replace the old with the new, but as much as it looks like its predecessors, the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse is a huge step up and worthy of your attention. For FPS gaming, or any gaming actually, and I guess even just using in the office, I’d be happy to call this mouse my own all day long.

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Peter Donnell

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