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Corsair RM Series RM650 Power Supply Review

A Closer Look

In a factor that is perhaps bucking the trend at the moment, Corsair has gone for an all-business approach with the RM650. You won’t find any bright branding nor indeed any RGB lights.

What you do, however, have is a clearly solid design. It might not be particularly eye-catching at a glance, but it just speaks of a quality product.

The modular cable input bank is relatively straight forward. Each segment is clearly highlighted to donate and help you identify what goes where. In truth, however, it is more than intuitive enough.

The exhaust vent has some nice large honeycomb style vents which should help promote solid air flow. This will be a particular factor of importance as Corsair want the fan in this PSU to run as minimally as possible.

The fan itself has a nice central location and is protected by a rather nice steel grill. This design is carried into the main body of the PSU as well which is a nice stylistic touch.

So, as above, in terms of aesthetics, there isn’t much to say about this power supply. It looks solid and professional. Which, in fairness, is exactly the approach we think Corsair intended for this. It’s designed to do a job, do it well, and provide you (the customer) with as minimal fuss as possible. How can you argue with that?


A cursory view of the internal design of the RM650 is very impressive indeed. All the components look exceptionally well designed and more importantly, located. You’ll find no huge blobs of glue and nor will you find any masses of cables. Corsair has clearly placed a lot of thought into the manufacturing process for this power supply.

Starting with the fan, it is a design that I do not believe that we have specifically encountered before. Being an Hong Hua manufactured product, we have seen them before in the past and have never had any problems or concerns with their performance.

As a slight note, you may note a small amount of anti-vibration glue to the plastic protective panelling. It is, in addition, also unusual to see this here particularly as it could potentially obstruct (or at least restrict) the air flow. We are, however, sure that Corsair knows what they are doing.

PCB & Capacitors

Internally, the PCB for the RM650 is a truly excellent design. We have rarely (if indeed at all) seen a power supply look this good on the inside. Everything is really well spaced out and a particular highlight are those huge heat sinks. It’s certainly unusual to see this many, but in addition, their largely central location will provide excellent fan coverage. While it might sound rather gushing for a potentially dull subject, we are really impressed here.

The power supply has two main capacitors which, as the packaging suggests, are rated to 105c. If you don’t know your capacitors, in brief, this is good news. They are manufactured by Su’Scon which is (we will admit) a company we have not encountered before. Being Taiwanese, these are not Japanese (which we do prefer to see), but they are a huge company that specialises in that field. Given the 10-year product guarantee as well, Corsair clearly believes that they can handle the work load!

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Mike Sanders

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  • No. The H is stylized in the logo and the remaining "ong Hua" is not, so people think it's just "Ong Hua". But the name of the fan company is "Hong Hua". It means safflower in Mandarin.

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