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Corsair RM Series RM650 Power Supply Review

Fan Speed

The Corsair RM650 is very heavily marketed towards providing performance with minimal noise levels. It has, after all, been ‘tuned’ to provide optimal fan performance while also offering a ‘zero’ performance at low to mid levels.

Well, from our testing we can easily conclude that the fan for this power supply certainly runs as quietly as possible. This may be in no small part due to the huge banks of heat sinks located to the PCB.

Achieving a maximum speed of less than 500RPM, however, what is clear is that it’s exceptionally doubtful that you would ever notably ‘hear’ this performing within a system. In addition, with it giving a 0 fan speed at low power output while it clearly has no problem in giving you an excellent performance as a power supply, it (amazingly) can also do so while keeping noise levels exceptionally low.

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Mike Sanders

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  • No. The H is stylized in the logo and the remaining "ong Hua" is not, so people think it's just "Ong Hua". But the name of the fan company is "Hong Hua". It means safflower in Mandarin.

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