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Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Gaming Mouse Review

A Closer Look

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Gaming Mouse comes hard-wired with a gorgeous paracord weave. It has less drag, and it’s also a lot lighter than the thicker braided cables they usually use.

It feels rather luxurious feel to it too, not that I expect you’ll be fondling it every day… well, maybe you will now that it has paracord on it.

It also features the new Corsair USB header design, which now seems to be on just about all their products.

As for the mouse, it’s just a really nice and simple design. It’s a fairly average size and has a nice curvy design that should fit just about any hand size easily enough.

Down the left side, you’ll find a few profile LEDs, as well as two switches. The switches have a large surface area, and they follow the shape of the mouse, making them very comfortable to use.

From the front left, around the back and down the right side, you’ll see there’s a glossy strip. It doesn’t really do anything, but it just breaks up the mouse to give it a nice finish. The upper and lower sections are a matte finish, which gives the mouse a nice feel in the palm of your hand; a good thing too, given that’s exactly where it’ll spend a lot of time!

It’s quite subtle, but the LMB and RMB are slightly scooped, which naturally puts your fingers in the optimal position. However, the way the switches are mounted means you can click anywhere on the surface of the button and it still actuates nicely; even at the absolute back part! However, it’s not quite as light as it would be towards the front.

Corsair says they’ve mounted the switches with zero gapping. The top panel and the Omron switch are very tightly mated together. You can feel it too, and it’s like a hair-trigger and perfectly responsive. Plus, they’re spring-loaded, meaning they have an instant return. Overall, I can honestly say that I can click this mouse faster than any other I’ve used in recent memory. I use a Corsair Scimitar mouse myself, and I can’t click it nearly as fast.

Tucked into the midsection, you’ll find a nice large scroll wheel. This has a nice click to it too, albeit it’s a heavier click, and the wheel has some mild resistance while turning. While not advantageous to scrolling through a spreadsheet all day, it’s perfect for accurate weapon switching and sneaky mid-button jumps while gaming.

The underside of the mouse features four large PTFE feet. Even without these, the mouse is so light it would likely glide with ease anyway. However, with them, it changes direction with ease, meaning you can crank the DPI levels and play with small twitchy movements if you so desire. Or drop the DPI and cover vast mouse mats effortlessly; it’s really up to you.

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