Corsair SF750 Platinum Efficiency SFX Power Supply Review


Corsair SF750

With the growing increase of custom system builders and manufacturers looking towards small PC design, there is a significantly increasing market for SFX (small factor form) designed products. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, this is essentially products that have been designed to promote small size. Specifically above other design or aesthetic choices.

With the Corsair SF750, however, we haave something rather special. Despite it being a remarkably small power supply (which we will highlight later in the review) it is packed with 750w of power and (if that wasn’t enough) also comes with Platinum rated efficiency. Can something this small, however, really be that impressive? – Let’s find out!


The Corsair SF750 comes with a single 12v rail which outputs on it’s own a total of 750w. This is an important factor for good clean power delivery. The good news, however, doesn’t stop there!

  • Fully modular DC cables
  • Zero RPM mode for low noise operation.
  • SFX (Small form factor) design.
  • 7-year Corsair guarantee.
  • 100% Japanese electrolytic capacitors rated to 105c


For in-depth specifications, please visit the official Corsair SF750 Platinum product page here.

What Corsair Had To Say

“Previously, the SF Platinum Series came in both 450W and 600W models. Now, CORSAIR is excited to offer the same SF Platinum performance in an industry-leading 750W package. CORSAIR SF Platinum Series SFX (small form factor) power supplies are fully modular and optimized for silence and high efficiency. Zero RPM Fan Mode means that the fan doesn’t even spin until the power supply is under heavy load, and the fan is custom-designed for low noise operation even at high loads. And unlike most other SFX power supplies, the SF Platinum Series features a 92mm fan, as opposed to an 80mm fan. This allows the fan to move the same volume of air at a lower RPM. The 80 PLUS Platinum rated efficiency saves money on your power bill, and the flat black cables are fully modular, so you can enjoy fast, neat builds. And, like all CORSAIR power supplies, SF Platinum Series is built with high-quality components, such as 105°C rated Japanese capacitors, and is guaranteed to deliver clean, stable, continuous power.”Corsair


With this being a modular power supply that’s designed for high-performance, it’s important to know exactly what cables this power supply is provided with. Although this is listed on the side of the packaging we will detail it for you below. We should, however, note the interesting design choice made with the cables.

As this is an SFX design power supply, the cable length isn’t particularly long. In fact, the main 24 pin connector cable is only around 6″ in length. For most mini-system builds, however, this is more than enough.The slim individual braided style, however, gives you an amazing level of flexibility. We have seen this style of cabling before, but never to this degree of quality.

In terms of connectors, this 750w model should be more than enough to connect any standard gaming PC. You will likely have to look towards 3rd-party adaptors for any multiple GPU set-ups, but for a mini-system build, it’s unlikely you would ever want to do that anyway. Trust me, for a mini-ITX or desktop PC, this has more than enough cables to have you covered.

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Mike Sanders

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