Corsair TM30 Performance Thermal Paste Now Available

Corsair’s 1st Thermal Compound

Although Corsair has released plenty of CPU cooling products over the years, they have not released their own thermal compound. That is until now, with the arrival of the TM30 Performance thermal paste.

Typical of other consumer-grade thermal compounds, the TM30 comes in a syringe-style applicator container with a cap. Corsair added the “Performance” in the name since it apparently is superior to run-of-the-mill thermal compounds. It has a thermal conductivity of 3.8 W/mK and a thermal impedance of 0.01°C -in2 /W, with a viscosity of 2300K cPs.

Each container has 3 grams of thermal paste. So it can last through several system installations. As long as you return the cap so it does not dry out of course.

The TM30 is highly stable and “lasts for years” with no drying, cracking or change in consistency. Which is good news for those who do not like too much maintenance. Users do not have to worry about changing or re-applying thermal paste periodically.

The Corsair TM30 is also non-conductive, non-toxic, and contains zero volatile compounds. So it is safe to the touch and users do not have to worry about spilling it accidentally on their hardware.

How Much is the TM30?

The TM30 thermal compound is now available in major retailers for only $7.99 USD. In the UK, it is available through Overclockers UK for £5.99.

Ron Perillo

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