Corsair TX750M 750W Modular Power Supply Review

/ 6 years ago

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Corsair are widely renowned for their top-quality components ranging from RAM to cases that cater for the enthusiast market. One area where Corsair has always delivered are power supplies- Corsair has always provided high-quality units ranging from their budget Builder series all the way up the enthusiast AX-series.

In terms of power supplies, Corsair are famed for providing high-quality units for the enthusiast market, especially in the 1Kw+ range, which means that quite often Corsair units are chosen purely for the performance while price is put aside. However, the unit I’m going to be reviewing provides enthusiast-grade performance without the price premium one may expect. I believe that this is a smart move by Corsair as it allows their higher end products to be accessible by the mainstream market which increases sales for the manufacturer and results in more satisfied customers. However, to deliver enthusiast-level performance for a mainstream price must result in some corner cutting somewhere, surely? This, we will discover.

The Corsair TX-series is the company’s enthusiast line of PSUs, designed to provide high-performance PSUs for those who want to get the most out of their system whether it be by tweaking, overclocking or modding which will benefit from the clean power this unit can supply. The market is made very clear as it falls above the Builder and Gamer series and below the Professional and Professional Gold series, so very little perceptive thinking is required to deduce the target users- you may retire, Dr Watson.

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4 Responses to “Corsair TX750M 750W Modular Power Supply Review”
  1. jimftr says:

    Nice review andy, i have the first version of the TX750w. It's a superb PSU and is pretty much silent. 🙂

  2. jimftr says:

    I mean umm jake, There are quite a few writers for eteknix now. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Indeed, Jake does a fantastic job of showcasing power supply reviews.

      • jimftr says:

        He sure does, and i just realised what the "M" stands for, modular 🙂 It's cool that the new ones are modular, shame the older ones aren't as my case has no cable management holes so i have to stuff em in a 5.25 bay, lol. But as long as the temps are good it makes no difference really. 😀

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