Cortana Coming to Android and iOS

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As reported by Reuters, Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, will be available on Android and iOS as a standalone app after the launch of Windows 10 in the fall.

With Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella wanting to bring Microsoft services wherever their customers are, bring Cortana to other platforms is the next step. After Office for iOS was released last year, and Outlook for both Android and iOS this year, Microsoft has made head-ways already.

Named after the AI from the successful Halo franchise, the digital assistant we get will be powered by Microsoft Bing search technologies. But more than just searching, she will also be able to interact with users contacts, calendar, music, messages, and much more. Microsoft has been able to retain the services of Jen Taylor from the games, so that ever familiar voice isn’t going anywhere.

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As is standard with both Google Now and Siri, Cortana will be voice activated with a simple saying of the command “Hey, Cortana.” With full Windows 10 integration, she will dish out information on weather, show your friends that great selfie you just took, or play that perfect song to make the mood.

Source: Polygon


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