Cortana Embarrasses Microsoft’s CEO During a Live Demo

/ 2 years ago


I’m sure that many of you are already running Windows 10 by now, so I have to ask: are you satisfied with Cortana? Whatever your answer may be, you should probably refrain from relying on Microsoft’s virtual assistant during live presentations, as she is currently having some issues with understanding relatively complex sentences. During a keynote at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference that took place not too long ago, Microsoft’s CEO wanted to show the world what Cortana is capable of. Among other things, it looks like she’s capable of embarrassing her “boss” in front of a crowd.

When Satya Nadella asked the virtual assistant “show me my most at-risk opportunities”, Cortana initiated a search query for “Show me to buy milk at this opportunity.” That’s not even remotely close. Nadella decided to give Cortana a few more chances to make up for her mistake, but his efforts were futile. Eventually, his team backstage was able to help him out.

Below you will find a video of the event, but you should probably just skip over to 10:15 if you want to see the Cortana segment. It’s worth noting at this point that Nadella’s accent might have had something to do with the hiccup, not to mention the fact that the crowd was making some noise as well.

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