COUGAR 500K Gaming Keyboard Announced

/ 3 years ago


Following in the footsteps of the 700K and 600K keyboards, Cougar announced they new 500K Gaming keyboard. The new keyboard targets gamers who either are on a budget or just likes membrane keyboards, but at the same time don’t want to miss out on the gaming features. It is one of the few real N-Key Rollover membrane keyboards on the market and by including all the pro gamer functions of the acclaimed COUGAR 700K, it should make a pretty good keyboard for gamers on a budget.

“When it comes to features and functionality, the 500K is the best membrane keyboard currently available. For a start, being an N-Key Rollover membrane keyboard it outclasses all the non-NKRO keyboards and competes directly with high end mechanical keyboards. Apart from doing away with the precision gap between membrane and mechanical keyboards, the 500K also includes a whole set of premium gaming-oriented features.”

Mechanical keyboard users probably won’t be convinced by this new release, but everyone might have a potential next keyboard here with the 6 fully customizable Gaming-keys as well as dedicated keys for recording macros, profile switching, backlight control, Windows-key hardware lock, and a detachable palm rest.

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There is a clear error on the box image release and added above as it says it is a mechanical keyboard, and it isn’t. Just to point that out again. No word on price or availability at the time of writing.

Thanks to TechPowerUp for providing us with this information

Image compiled from TechPowerUp

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  1. Wayne says:

    Why do wrist rests have to be oddly shaped nowadays? Is a persons left wrist shaped differently to their right one? This one doesn’t look so bad but some of them are absolutely ridiculous.

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