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Cougar Adds 1050W GEX1050 to GEX PSU Series

Cougar has just revealed their updated GEX line of fully modular power supplies. They’ve already proven to be a big hit with gamers and won plenty of awards for their rock-solid performance, so it’s great to see Cougar pushing this line even harder for 2021.

Cougar GEX1050

The range now has a new 1050W model, which is a LOT of power, that I doubt even most modern high-end gaming rigs would even require. However, the line-up only had a 650W, 750W, and an 850W, so it’s great to see a more powerful addition to the range. If you’re building a Threadripper rig with a couple of GPUs for rendering, this is the PSU for you.


The GEX1050 comes equipped with their latest 135mm hydro-dynamic bearing fan, which is zero RPM under 41% load, giving you 420W of pure silence.

Power Delivery

The Cougar GEX1050 features a single +12 V rail design as well as 80 Plus Gold efficiency. Of course, it’s equipped with all the usual safety features, and LLC resonant converters, DC-to-DC switching, protection against over/under-voltage, overheating, etc.


The GEX1050 comes bundled with one 24-pin, two 8+8 pin EPS, eight 6+2 pin PCIe, twelve SATA, three Molex, and one Berg.

Price and Availability

Unfortunately, we don’t have a proper release date or price just yet. However, I suspect they’ll crop up at retail stores any time now, so just keep an eye out for stock.

Peter Donnell

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