COUGAR Announces 600K Gaming Keyboard

/ 3 years ago

cougar 600k

Cougar got a lot of praise for their almost over-the-top aluminium structured 700K keyboard. But it was too much for some people, those who don’t want to have to install software to use extra functions and don’t need all sorts of extra keys. Those people have been heard and Cougar is now releasing the 600K keyboard that basically is a slimmed down to basics model, but it still maintains an edge over budget keyboards.

The Cougar 600K is an N-Key Rollover mechanical keyboard and will be available with all four types of Cherry MX Switches. There is no need to install drivers or set it up to start using it due to the pure approach to functionality. Connect it and your good to go.

“We knew that there were people who simply weren’t interested in the plethora of functions offered by high end keyboards but at the same time didn’t want to settle for a lower end one. For all those people, who just want a pure, high quality mechanical keyboard in a durable and elegant design, we created the COUGAR 600K,” said Lio Huang, Marketing Dept. III Director, COUGAR.

What it lacks in software features, it got as hardware features – something the “bigger” keyboards could learn a thing or two from. The hard turn-off of the Windows key is well-known and present, but the K600 also has allows for adjustment of the repeat rate of the keys, has lighting control for the WASD and Direction keys. Default multimedia keys are also present. For added convienience it also features a USB pass-through port.

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No word on pricing, availability or other features yet, but we will keep you updated as the information emerges.

Thanks to TechPowerUp for providing us with this information

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